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Getting help with self-publishing

Looking for someone to guide you through the self-publishing of your first masterpiece?

You've come to the right place !

That's what I am here for !

After a career of more than 25 years in a multinational company as a computer engineer, I am used to manage and resolve technical problems. I am familiar with the generation of Amazon or ePub ebooks, the creation of a basic computer site.

I love to share and explain, my aim is to make anyone self-sufficient.

SEO, search engine optimization, text formatting and page layout hold no secrets for me. If they do, I'll quickly uncover them !


Having self-published 6 novels myself, I know all too well the pitfalls to avoid, having encountered them myself.


I don't pretend to know everything, but I'll be able to guide you to the right professionals and advise you on the next step.


You can rest assured that I'll always be there to support you without breaking the bank.What I offer is support above all. I can take care of certain technical tasks if need be, but you remain the captain. The aim is for you to be autonomous.


If you'd like a quote, send me an email at and after an initial phone conversation, I'll be able to refine your request.


The quotation will include the number of hours of accompaniment and the various services requested, as well as a delivery and payment schedule. During the agreed period, you must be available and carry out the various tasks required of you.


I look forward to meeting you and talking to you.

Whatever your question, you'll get an answer.

Example of services offered (from €60): 

  • Amazon paperback layout (120€)

  • ePub generation (70€)

  • Amazon publishing assistance (100€)

  • Kobo/Fnac publishing support (70€)

  • Apple publishing support (70€)

  • Google publishing support (70€)

  • help with self-publishing from A to Z (excluding proofreading, cover design, beta-reading, etc.) (350€)

  • help with keyword selection (60€)

  • help with referencing (60€)

  • help with Word layout for eBook (60€)

  • help with Amazon advertising (120€)

  • cross-referencing (30€)



To give you an idea, I've left the following file at your disposal: 

Self-publishing - Summary of steps (in French)

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