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Who am I ? An LGBT Author?

I usually say that I am from here or elsewhere. After spending my first 20 years in Africa, I studied in the north of France and settled in Rhône Alpes where I have lived for about thirty years. 


For 25 years, I evolved within a large international company. A slight 180° turn later, I am starting a new life at almost 50 years old.


Writing has always been part of my projects. Today, it's done and I discovered how liberating and exciting it could be. It's a real therapy that forces those who start to give oneself up, to surpass oneself, to accept to put themselves almost naked. 

The publication of a book is a real birth, the writing itself was for me easy, fast, without asking myself too many questions.   The infernal cycle of corrections / proofreading, exhausting.  The tedious promotion part forced me to get out of my comfort zone.

The self-publishing part, fun because I discovered a new world out there.

My first lesbian romance  allowed me to grow (yes, even at my age !), the second just as much, but on another level. They both allowed me to dig into some of my dark areas and confront them. The third one was an entire different story, as it enableled me to put down on paper the love for my two cats.

My penchant for words is not new. As a child, I was already reading several books a week. Growing up, reading was one of my means of escape. Passionate about Homosexual literature, a few years ago, I started translating lesbian romances. 5 have been published. You can find them here.

My books are all available here, as well on Amazon, Kobo, Fnac and Apple and Google. Mission Beach is also available in English.

Many more are in the making in my seething mind.

If you liked one of my novels, or even all of them, do not hesitate to subscribe  to my newsletter  to not miss any of my news. I will not flood your mailbox and your address will remain confidential.

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