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My french translations of lesbian novels

Besides my own novels, I do translations for foreign novels. I notably collaborated with Dans l'engrenage and KTM editions. 

Thus, by carrying out translations, I engage in a completely different literary exercise.

If you are looking for someone to translate your book, just contact me.

Couverture roman Un coin de paradis

Passion Bay

Author: Jennifer Fulton

Two women from different ends of the earth discover passion in paradise--a passion threatened by secrets and impending disaster.
New Zealander Cody Stanton loses her lover of five years and then her job. But there’s a silver lining. Someone in admin made a mistake and her ser severance check is $100,000 instead of $10,000. She rashly decides to take the money and run, and Moon Island seems like the perfect hideaway.

Couverture Hine Te Ana

The Sacred Shore

Author: Jennifer Fulton

Why risk falling in love, when trusting again feels impossible?
Merris Randall doesn’t believe in love at first sight. Then she meets Olivia Pearce. The attraction between them is inescapable, but Olivia is deeply scarred from a damaging relationship, and has vowed never to love again. Merris can relate. Until her divorce, her life had also looked perfect on the surface.
Dismayed when Olivia leaves town for a long vacation on Moon Island, Merris decides to travel there, too, as if by coincidence. Not cool. But playing by the rules has not panned out, either.
She is not the only guest conflicted over ethics. Anthropologist Dr. Glenn Howick must decide how far she’ll go, exploiting the spirituality of another culture for her career ends. Then there’s Riley Mason, a post-grad student whose love threatens both Glenn’s reputation and her most secret self.
With preparations underway for the secret rituals that celebrate the guardian goddess of the island, the island’s owners, Cody and Annabel find themselves at odds over a tough decision. Annabel’s cousin, Melanie has come to them with a young baby and a desperate problem.

Couverture la main à la pâte

Starting from scratch

Author: Georgia Beers

What happens when your life takes an unexpected turn?

What happens when you need to protect the one you love from the one you want to love?

What happens when you lose something you never knew you wanted?

Lambda and Golden Crown Literary Award-winning author Georgia Beers brings to you her long-awaited seventh novel, Starting from Scratch, a story where learning, laughing, loving, and baked goods are just a few of life’s basic ingredients.

Starting from Scratch…where life is what you make it.

Couverture Opération Twilight

The Twilight Club

Author: Annabel West

ngelique Divine’s comfortable life in Singapore is turned upside down when she reluctantly takes on a new client—an unscrupulous business that is stripping the struggling island nation of Seragana of its resources and is at loggerheads with the country’s monarchical ruler. Soon Angelique finds herself drawn into a web of political intrigue and shady business activities.
Calling on her influential friends in the Twilight club for support, Angelique decides to offer assistance to Seragana.
Fresh from London and new to the throne, the charismatic Kira Na Murgha presents Angelique with more dilemmas than expected. The Twilight Club’s risky solution is further jeopardized by the activities of Detective Inspector Stephanie Tyler in Melbourne.
The Inspector's investigations into a drug ring and her search for Angelique lead her straight to Seragana—and an unlikely showdown with the princess.

Couverture Les risques du métier

No rules of engagement

Author: Tracey Richardson

With wounded soldiers all around her, Major Logan Sharp doesn't have time to pamper some photographer from stateside. What spare energy she does have goes to worrying what she'll do when she ships home from Afghanistan. Home--for Logan, the word means nothing. But photographer Jillian Knight is not what she expects, and certainly not what she needs complicating her last tour. Leaving her partner and daughter at home, Jillian Knight is on assignment in Kandahar to record the heroic work of medical units in war zones. She knows it'll be rough, but Logan Sharp's dedication and competence is reassuring. Jillian finds herself looking forward to her encounters with the intriguing military doctor, understand that by-the-rules demeanor is a must for surviving in a land where life is cheap.

Under the pressures of danger and conflict, the intense feelings of comrades threaten to overwhelm their good sense, but they follow the rules. After a single heart-stopping kiss, they do the only thing they must--say goodbye. Keeping in touch is not part of the plan,but when their paths cross unexpectedly more than a year later,abiding by the rules is suddenly much harder than they ever expected.

Two unforgettable women try to figure out the rules for their own lives and the future in Tracey Richardson's romantic novel or wartime and coming home.

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