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Translation service English to French

You are looking for someone to translate your precious book, you are at the right place. Here I am !


Be assured that your book will be safe with me and that I am willing to work at a fair price.


Giving your book for translation required a good amount of trust and as a French author, I know exactly how it feels.

Trust and confidentiality is as important to me. 

My wish is to help french readers discover any new author or books.

Why not expanding your readers base by proposing your book in French ?

The pricing estimate obviously depends on the words count and other factors such as the level of difficulty.

If you want a quotation, just send me an email at containing an extract of your book and the words count that I can evaluate amount of work.

The quotation will contain, timeline for the deliveries and paiements. During the agreed timeline, you'll need to be available to provide any clarification that may be required on the original text.

If required, I can also provide some help on the self-publishing part, on the ePub generation or any other self-publishing specificities.

Looking forward to meet you and exchange.

Any question you may have will receive an answer.

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