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A preview of Talie Michel's new lesbian novel, "Pacific Harmony" available for pre-order in digital format on Amazon from July 30, 2022. The paperback version will be available on this site and on Amazon from August 28, 2022. You can already download the first chapter and you will be able to order your copy to read and offer and ask for your dedication to the author.

Pacific Harmony

Couverture Pacific Harmony

Another priority project for Annabelle Ressac, supervisor at D&Y. She loves her life surrounded by her two cats Gazpacho and Louna, they take care of her, she needs them sometimes. This time, it is a woman named Kini Amaru, who intervenes, a recognized project manager with a formidable capacity for work. This is to say if the project promises to be boring.

What is the design of the Universe for these two protagonists, poles apart from each other? Will they let themselves go? Will they prefer their more reassuring comfort zone?

Take part in this journey with the first volume of Pacific Harmony. The author takes us into her whirlwind, with Annabelle, her cats and also a little Kini. 

Couverture Pacific Harmony
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